Engineered for healthcare, San-a-Key® has all the features you seek to easily implement a complete desktop infection control program

Once our keyboard’s patented, red LinkSmart® button is pushed, keys disengage and an end user is able to clean each key with a hospital-approved germicidal wipe.  An onscreen, animated guide depicts each key turning red to grey, as each key is cleaned.  After all keys are clean and a user-defined “germ kill time” transpires, San-a-Key® reengages the keys for normal use.  LinkSmart® with San-a-Key® is easy to use and the most effective means of keeping the clinical desktop disinfected around-the-clock.



The KSI San-a-Key® Healthcare Technology System offers the most advanced method for assisting with infection control and the prevention of cross contamination at the clinical desktop.  Used with our award-winning, patented LinkSmart® cleaning button, disinfection of the keyboard surface with San-a-Key® has never been easier or more effective.   San-a-Key® software works exclusively with all KSI-1700 series and KSI-1800 series SX-version keyboards.

Key Features

  • Easy push-to-clean system, with a simple press of the LinkSmart® button
  • Fast and effective keyboard disinfection using EPA-approved germicidal wipes
  • User-defined, scheduled cleaning is controlled by hospital administrators
  • Scheduled push notifications remind end users to clean
  • Animated, onscreen aid facilitates user cleaning
  • Real-time capture of when, where and by whom KSI keyboards were cleaned, enterprise-wide
  • Customized reporting — exported to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Compatible with health IT
  • Works in tandem with KSI embedded biometric and RFID security options to fully protect the desktop
  • Windows 64-bit compatible