With user-friendly San-a-Key®, you’re in control of disinfection

at the clinical desktop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


  • KSI keyboards are disinfected 24/7, without interruption of workflow
  • Cross-contamination is prevented in real time
  • Keyboard cleaning is entirely user-defined, with hospital administrators in full control
  • Cleaning duration and frequency are set according to need
  • End user push notifications make consistent cleaning a priority
  • Keyboards are disinfected in place without inconvenient removal from service
  • Fast and efficient cleaning is simple — aided by an animated, onscreen guide
  • Administrators always know when, where, and by whom each keyboard was cleaned
  • Workstations where lack of cleaning has occurred are easily identified
  • Real-time and historic data can be exported for customized reporting, analysis, and presentation
  • Cleaning data is amalgamated — helpful in spotting infection trends
  • San-a-Key® facilitates a comprehensive, enterprise-wide desktop infection control strategy
  • San-a-Key® and LinkSmart® work in tandem with KSI biometric and RFID security
  • San-a-Key® offers seamless integration with health IT