San-a-Key® Infection Control System for KSI Keyboards

with Real-Time Disinfection Analytics

Engineered specifically for healthcare by Key Source International (KSI), San-a-Key® is a groundbreaking, multi-faceted disinfection system for the clinical desktop.  Used as an adjunct to KSI’s award-winning, integrated LinkSmart® cleaning button, San-a-Key® patented software aids in prevention of cross contamination on keyboard surfaces and provides real-time analytics to hospital clinicians who need to know when, where and by whom a KSI keyboard has been disinfected.

No other keyboard on the market today provides a complete disinfection system like San-a-Key®.  Optional for use with both KSI-1700 series and KSI-1800 series keyboards, simple yet sophisticated San-a-Key® software integrates easily with health IT.

With user-friendly San-a-Key® technology, clinicians feel confident they are protecting

patients and visitors from the spread of harmful germs, without sacrificing productivity